Middle School Gym Night

The middle school youth will gather for a great evening of active games and group-building activities in the gym as well as outside if weather permits.  Please wear athletic attire, and shoes for both inside and outside use.  We will begin with a devotion at 7:00 and finish by 9:00.

Half-day Mission Trip to Dearborn with POBLO

A half-day mission trip to Dearborn is being arranged for Saturday, May 30. This will be a partnership effort with POBLO allowing Our Savior members to see the actual mission field, be with the missionaries, meet the local Christians who were formerly Muslim, and experience true Arabic food at a Dearborn restaurant. As this comes together,…

Middle School/High School Lock-In

All students in Grades 6-12 are invited!  All you need is a Bible, flashlight, snack or pop to share, and most importantly, bring your friends!  We will begin in the Youth Room with an opening prayer and ice breaker games.

High School Church Grounds Service Project

The high school youth will be helping our congregation by helping maintain our beautiful campus from 1:00-3:00 pm.  We will be doing such chores as gardening, mulching, watering, or anything else that is needed.  Be sure to bring your friends!

“Christ and Islam” Conference w/ Bob Dutko and Rev. Dr. Gary Rohwer

“America’s Christian Heritage and the Rising Tide of Islam” and “The Cross and the Crescent in America: The Growth of Islam and the Awakening of the American Church” 2 May A.D. 2015                  9:00 am to 11:00 am Our Savior Evangelical Lutheran Church 13667 W. Highland Road, Hartland, MI 48353 www.oursaviorhartland.org Featuring Bob Dutko and Rev. Dr.…

Encore of February’s “Right To Life” Presentation

The presentation in February had a lot of people from various churches walking away having been challenged to consider some pretty important things with regard to the church and her perceived identity in the world around her. Everyone was uplifted and so many have heralded the event to others as something that the frontline churches in the “Right To Life” movement need to have a handle on before they step out into the trenches to fight the broader war.