The Ascension of Our Lord Divine Service

Guest Preacher and Presenter at Our Savior!

Join us in celebration of the Ascension of our Lord! The Divine Service begins at 6:30pm. Alexey Streltsov, the President of the Siberian Lutheran Seminary in Novosibirsk, Russia will be preaching. Immediately following the service, Pastor Streltsov will give an incredibly pertinent presentation regarding the rebuilding of the Lutheran Church in Russia following the destruction of the Church under the communist Soviet Union. The presentation will highlight the establishment of a Russian Lutheran Seminary, the training of new pastors to replace those killed and exiled by the atheist Marxist government, and the robust evangelism and thorough catechetical efforts of the young Russian Lutherans in the post-Soviet era. The presentation will also describe alarming parallels between how the communist revolution systematically destroyed the Russian political, social, economic, moral, and religious culture replacing it with the “messianic” soviet socialism and similar efforts to destroy American culture today.