Our Heart is in Christian Education and it Shows!

Private, Parochial, or completely Mission-minded?

A private school exists apart from the assistance of the government. It requires student families to hold membership in the parent organization or corporation and dues/tuition are mandatory.

Similarly, a parochial school receives no assistance from the government but is strictly supported by a religious organization. The school exists to provide spiritual and academic education for its members as an afforded “right” of membership. No tuition is required of members, although tuition may be required of non-members.

We are neither private nor parochial. We are purely and biblically focused upon our mission.


We Do Not Charge Tuition for Kindergarten through Eighth Grade

It costs approximately $8,900 to educate a student in our school (materials, staff salaries, facility expenses, and the like). What does this mean? It means that we truly are invested in education. It means that the congregation of Our Savior Evangelical Lutheran Church desires to provide $8,900 worth of Christian Education to each and every member and non-member child alike. The church expects only that the member families will be faithful in worship and will tithe in faithfulness to Christ, and that non-member families will embrace and adhere to the enrollment requirements while actively seeking opportunities to serve and support the school, giving freely of time and treasure in thanksgiving for the tier-one education being provided.

Additionally, the church offers scholarships for families in need of financial assistance toward required registration fees.