We believe that, for your child, we provide what is critical for assuring that knowledge becomes wisdom.

The two main schools of thought on education being embraced by nearly every school in our area, both public and private/parochial, are that a school exists: 1) to create workers with skills to fill and perform jobs, and 2) to develop citizens who through personal achievement contribute to society.

While the education we provide indeed accomplishes these, still we offer so much more. The students in our school are immersed in a rigorous curriculum intentionally designed to be taught and received in ways that create wisdom and discernment. This is true because our efforts arise first and foremost from the belief that objective truth, right and wrong, exists. The foundation for this truth is the Word of God and the message of salvation through faith in Jesus Christ that it declares. This truth gives the only true alternative point of orientation to every plan from every culture for all aspects of life in this world. From this, our school is precisely holistic and superbly grounded in the classical/traditional foundation that has served for the rise and success of all of Western civilization, namely, the United States of America.