The Houses of Our Savior

The “House” system is a longstanding form of student government that arose in early English education. By design, it not only helps to promote healthy, collegial competition and comradery, but it serves to provide a sturdy framework for student mentoring leading to a fuller sense of belonging within the school community. The system has proven most valuable throughout the centuries and is retained by many tier-one Universities such as Cambridge, Oxford, Yale, and Harvard.

Upon enrollment at Our Savior, each student is appointed to a house and remains a member of that house until graduation. Currently, Our Savior has two houses: Luther House and Walther House.

Luther House grayscale image BMPWalther House shield BMP

Each house has parent leaders and student officers. Many valuable experiences take place within the context of the houses — sports, clubs, service projects, and the like.

All house activities throughout the year offer the opportunity for the individual houses to earn points, resulting ultimately in the awarding of the House Chalice at the end of the year.


Additionally, points are awarded throughout the year for individual student academics, ingenuity, citizenship, determination, and other such pursuits of excellence.