Reverend Christopher I. Thoma

Reverend Christopher I. Thoma serves as pastor of Our Savior Evangelical Lutheran Church & School in Hartland, Michigan.

Pastor Thoma is an avid writer, having written notable volumes such as Kids in the Divine Service, Feeding the Lambs: A Worship Primer for Teachers of Children, The Homiletical Canvas: Poetry in Service to Preaching, Ten Ways to Kill a Pastor, and Type One Confessional: God, a Pastor, and a Girl with Type 1 Diabetes. On a lighter side, he is the author of volumes one, two, and three of The Angels’ Portion: A Clergyman’s Whisky Narrative, all of which have garnered national and international attention, as well as sturdy acclaim among experts in the whisky field.

Thoma is a frequent contributor to “The Lutheran Witness” magazine, “The Reporter” newspaper, and is a regular contributor to a number of theological and political media outlets. He provides regular editorial content for local newspapers and is a contributing writer for Bourbon and Banter.

In the spring of 2017, Thoma was awarded a Distinguished Fellowship from Salt & Light Global Wilberforce Academy (Great Lakes Justice Center).

Pastor Thoma is deeply involved with issues pertaining to the church and the public square. He participates regularly in pastoral briefings with congressional leaders in Washington D.C., not only engaging in order to share the concerns of the Christian church, but to carry back to his congregation and Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod knowledge and resources. He is involved in the efforts of various legislative groups in Lansing. He has been called upon to address listeners at religious liberty rallies, serve as a speaker for Michigan Right to Life and Lutherans for Life, and a guest presenter at various liturgical conferences, pro-life gatherings, educational conferences, and symposia. Additionally, he continues to be an invited guest on local and national radio stations to discuss his various writings as well as current political issues as they meet the Christian perspective.

Reverend Thoma is married to Jennifer. They have four children—Joshua, Madeline, Harrison, and Evelyn.

You may listen to a few various radio interviews with our Pastor here:

KFUO AM in Saint Louis, Missouri:

The Coffee Hour (Regarding the topic of affliction as well as the books Type One Confessional and Ten Ways to Kill a Pastor)
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103.5 FM WMUZ (Bob Dutko):
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WAAM Radio AM 1600:
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93.1 FM WIBC in Indianapolis:
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Book Talk – KFUO AM in St. Louis:
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Speech given at the Michigan State Capitol on December 2, 2015

Invocator for Michigan Senate – 19 April AD 2016

KFUO – Free to be Faithful – 17 August AD 2016

KFUO – The Student Union – The Body of Christ and the Public Square – 21 December AD 2016

KFUO – Free To Be Faithful – The Secularization of Christmas – 23 December AD 2016

KFUO – Faith and Family – Kids in the Divine Service – 17 August AD 2017

Speech given at the Michigan State Capitol on November 1, 2017

Invocator for the Michigan House of Representatives on December 5, 2017