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12-16-2019: Third week in Advent

   If ever there was a season for sharing our stories with one another, it’s the season of Advent. Advent is a season for gathering stories—the narratives of our lives. Even better, Advent leads the way as it ventures to gather up the accounts of the Bible—which are our stories, too—and it aims them at…

12-09-2019: Second week in advent

I’d like to tell you a story. I’ve been given permission to tell it for your benefit. In some ways, many of you already know the tale’s beginning, because it is a telling of familiar things. What I’m about to describe happened last Thursday. Even at 9:00 AM, the December sky was successfully holding back…

12-02-2019: First week in advent

Brothers and sisters in Christ,    We’ve arrived at the season of Advent. The Christian Church Year has begun anew.    Of course here at Our Savior, it’s a favorite time. This is true not only as we find ourselves brimming with excitement for Christmas—the bright-beaming décor and the colorful adornments—but because we’re conscious of…